Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Have a fantasy is good, make your fantasy is (sometimes) better ^^
You can't make a photoshooting with a cute real model ?
You do not draw ether ?

So choose the 3D option ! With the POSER sofware, you can easely create some fantasies by your own ! No need to be an expert. You can buy some items in some webstores like DAZ 3D. For our Indian fantasy, take a look at this impressive and so sexy 3D indian maiden (for a cool price too ^^)!


Custermess said...

Cool blog!

I love 3D Indian maidens, too. In fact I have been doing Indian woman warriors for 8 years now.

Like this:

My entire gallery can be viewed here:

You might have to create a free account at Renderosity but I would say it's worth it ;)

Keep it up!

Maximilien said...

Thanks to appreciate my blog ^^

In fact, I know your work and really appreciate it ! I want to show it in my blog too, in the future. Of course, as you can see in my blog, all copyrights are avaible too ^^.
It will be an honor if you are agree to show your work here, of course !

Sincerely ^^