Monday, January 31, 2011


Janessa Brazil is one of the most sexy indian maiden that I ever seen in internet !
She's really beautifull ans her costume is detailled and sexy. But, it's really too bad that the background is so neutral and poor. Let's imagine this beautifull model in a desert, under the sun... Oh wow ! ^0^

WARNING : Her website is for mature audience only. This "indian maiden photo set" contains some nude pictures. So I chose not to put them on this blog. In fact, I remember that my blog is all sexy, and not intended to show pictures that can be equated with porn. If you want to find these missing pics, you are free to ask to your friend : Google ^^
And then after all, do not forget also indian maidens, even sexy, must have a nice suit that put them in value. Otherwise, any naked pin up with pigtails could be posted on this blog. So I have to make a selection... ^ ^

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Yep, Happy New Year 2011 !
Yeah I know, since a long time
there is no update on this blog.
In fact, I'm very busy with my work.
But be sure I will come back in february !
So please, be patient and once again :
Happy New Year 2011 ! ^0^

Note : Illustration from BLITZ CADET